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IBA Caretakers Network

What is a Caretaker?


A Caretaker is a local volunteer who is matched to one (or more) Important Bird Areas (IBAs). Caretakers are community champions, acting as watchdogs to ensure that changes within IBAs, or threats to their ecological integrity, are properly documented - and, ideally, resolved.


Caretaker activities vary depending on site characteristics and their own interests, but can include: collecting bird data; conducting site assessments; restoring habitat; raising awareness; and advocacy efforts.


Assessing the status and trends of bird populations and IBAs, and documenting the value of conservation efforts, will become increasingly important as the program develops. Coordinated Caretaker activity will allow us to target particularly vulnerable sites for additional conservation action, and will help us ensure that Canada's IBA habitats and birds are safeguarded.


Bird Studies Canada and Nature Canada, and regional partners affiliated with the IBA Program provide support, guidance and training to our volunteers. Everyone has something to offer, and the program greatly benefits from the diversity of its contributors.


Join our network of IBA volunteers and become a champ!           


What can you do as a member of this network?

Meet other Caretakers across Canada

Explore other community champions in Canada and strengthen the IBA Caretakers Network [click here]

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Access useful resources

Have access to a variety of useful resources that enable you to efficiently manage your IBA [click here]

Engage in Caretakers Discussion

Join discussion groups where different topics and ideas are shared  [click here]

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