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Welcome to the Canadian Nature Network Website and Portal.   Find breaking nature and conservation news from national, provincial, territorial and local groups, check out the calendar of events, participate in a discussion group or community of interest, etc.


The Canadian Nature Network is an alliance of societies, groups, clubs and individuals that share a common relationship either with Nature Canada or one of its 11 Provincial and Territorial Affiliates.  It is the common concern for nature, whether through observation, education, enjoyment, protection or stewardship that form the strands of the web that connect members of this network.


Important Bird Area (IBA) Caretakers Network


The IBA Caretakers Network,  developed by Nature Canada on the Canadian Nature Network website, is designed to develop a strong network of IBA Caretakers across Canada. Establishing such a network will help Caretakers achieve their shared goal of ensuring the long term conservation of their IBAs for the benefit of birds, people and other wildlife that depend on these sites.


Click here to visit the IBA Caretakers Network.



Last year over one thousand naturalists representing over 230 organizations participated in a workshop about your conservation priorities and provided Nature Canada with input into the development of a Strategic Plan for the Canadian Nature Network.  The plan was released in July of 2007 with three main strategic intents:

  1. Stewards of nature – strengthening our collective capacity to monitor and care for nature,
  2. Connecting to nature through increasing Canadians awareness and appreciation of nature and engaging Canadians in activities for enjoyment and conservation; and
  3. Doing our work more efficiently and effectively – building the skills and capacity to achieve our individual and collective priorities.

Since the release of the plan, the Canadian Nature Forum comprised of Provincial/ Territorial level nature federations or organizations and Nature Canada, has met to formalize relationships and establish a common work plan.  This is a slow process but is proceeding.  Presently common projects include the development of a caretakers network to monitor and steward Important Bird Areas, and educational initiatives focussing on young naturalists and new Canadians.


The Canadian Nature Forum is a formalized partnership that includes the Nature Canada and its Provincial and Territorial Affiliates.   The Forum was established at the end of a long consultation process with participants in the Canadian Nature Network.   To learn more about the Forum click here "Canadian Nature Forum."


Photo Credits: Great-crested Flycatcher by Gerald Romanchuk

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